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All KLM's products are Made in the USA. - Support American manufacturing by purchasing from KLM Lab's Online Store!

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Cobra Shells by KLM Labs Cobra Shells

Low bulk, low profile orthotic shells for close fitting shoes like flats, boots and high heels.

Our Price: $30.00

Essence Insoles by KLM Labs Essence Insoles

Women's fashionable insoles for close fitting shoes like flats, boots, and high heels.

Our Price: $55.00

Gold Insoles by KLM Labs Gold Insoles

Low bulk insoles for close fitting shoes like cowboy boots, loafers and dress shoes.  The new "Gold Standard" for men's orthotics.

Our Price: $55.00

Foot Orthotics

KLM Laboratories makes a variety of orthopedic insoles, ankle braces, and sandals. All KLM’s products and manufactured in the United States. While most of KLM’s products are custom and can only be ordered when prescribed by a licensed practitioner, KLM also manufactures a variety of over-the-counter products available directly to the public. These include orthotic shells, insoles, ankle braces, and sandals. KLM’s over-the-counter products are based on the most commonly occurring and successful custom orthotic shapes. For the 30+ years that KLM Laboratories has been manufacturing custom orthotics, the team has also been studying those shapes and designs that are most successful. As it turns out, excluding the rare extreme deformities that require truly custom orthoses, most feet are quite similar in shape, and therefore most successful orthotic shapes are also comparably similar. Through extensive research, KLM Laboratories has identified the most common shapes and designed over-the-counter products based on those shapes. These shapes now exist as the injection molded shells known as the Foot Soldier Shells, the Cobra Shells, and the System Rx Shells. All KLM’s orthotics insoles use these shells as their base. From these shells KLM manufactures a variety of different insoles for individuals with different needs. Some people need orthotics for their athletic shoes. KLM has sport orthotics for that. Some people need orthotics for their dress shoes. KLM has fashion orthotics for those people. Some people need a slightly more custom fit shell, due to their slightly more wide or narrow feet. KLM has System Rx orthotics for those individuals. Some people have very normal feet and the average shapes are perfect for them. All KLM products based on the Foot Soldier shells are perfect for these individuals. KLM even has orthotic sandals for those individuals who prefer to wear flip flops over closed toed shoes. All KLM products support the correct alignment of the bones and ligaments of the feet to improve the transfer of forces during the gait cycle, known by the medical community as ambulation, and by the layman as walking. Finding the correct orthotic requires considering a variety of factors. What is your shoe size and weight? What types of activities are you participating in? What types of shoes will this device be required to fit and function within? If you need help answer any of these questions or choosing the correct product for your needs, please do not hesitate to contact the team at KLM Labs. You can complete the contact form here or email us at cservice@klmlabs.com - Enjoy!