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KLM Sandals Aloha Rx Sandals

Customizable flip flop sandals. Individually made with the option of a heel cup and four color combinations.

Our Price: $120.00

Orthotic Sandals

Foot orthotics can make a big difference.  Why not extend that improvement to Sandals?  Improper footwear, especially when worn for long periods in stressful conditions can actually cause damage to the bone structures and ligaments of the feet, resulting in the need for a corrective orthotic insole.  The word "orthotic" implies some type of brace.  An orthotic sandal is a sandal that is designed to improve the function of the foot and ankle by controlling pronation and supination.  While walking, the entire weight of our bodies is transferred though the bones, ligaments and muscles of the feet and ankles in a process called the "gait" cycle.  This is where repetitive incorrect alignment can cause long term damage, and where a supportive orthotic sandal can help prevent said damage.  Many sandals are fashion devices with little consideration for the biomechanics occurring in the lower extremity during gait. KLM's orthotic sandals are made with a low heel cup to encourage support.  You can also choose between a low, medium and high arch to support your feet correctly. Please don't hesitate to contact the Team at KLM Labs by completing the contact form here or by email at cservice@klmlabs.com if you have any questions regarding our orthotic sandals.