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Rigid & Low-Profile Foot Support Inserts Online

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Cobra Shells by KLM Labs Cobra Shells

Low bulk, low profile orthotic shells for close fitting shoes like flats, boots and high heels.

Our Price: $30.00

Foot Soldier Shells by KLM Labs Foot Soldier Shells

The average custom foot orthotic by shoe size, available in three rigidities.

Our Price: $30.00

Juniors by KLM Labs Juniors

Semi-rigid orthotics for children ages 4-7.

Our Price: $30.00

Kid Os by KLM Labs Kid Os

Soft posted orthotics for children ages 4-7.

Our Price: $35.00
Kiddythotics by KLM Labs Kiddythotics

Semi-rigid orthotics for children ages 1-4.

Our Price: $30.00
Posted Foot Soldier Shells by KLM Labs Posted Foot Soldier Shells

The average custom foot orthotic by shoe size, now with a rear foot post!

Our Price: $35.00
Rx Shells by KLM Labs Rx Shells

System Rx orthotic shells with no posting or covers. Semi-custom, click here to learn about sizing.

Our Price: $50.00


This selection of products consists of our uncovered supportive shoe inserts for men, women and children over the age of one. Custom orthotics often include padded covers to add comfort or to accommodate particular ailments such as bunions, calluses, corns, neuropathy and wounds. However, the essence of the benefit from these devices comes from the orthotic shell. The shell of a foot orthotic is the functional part of the device. It cups the heel and extends forward to just behind the ball of the foot, or metatarsal heads, to support the arches.

Studies have shown that when over-the-counter NSAIDS, stretching and lifestyle changes simply aren't enough, adding an orthotic helps to improve symptoms from plantar fasciitis and other types of pain with little to no risk.
We carry both posted and non-posted orthotic shells for proper and effective foot support. Our selection includes supports for children, semi-customizable inserts, Foot Soldier shells and the low-profile Cobra. Orthotic inserts with heel posts come in a range of strengths, and are designed to help control for excessive pronation.

All of our orthotics are designed to establish a proper gait cycle by providing stability, control and support. An improper gait cycle can lead to a range of chronic complaints over time, from plantar fasciitis to lower back and knee pain. Proper foot alignment is also a critical aspect of corrective footwear for people who stand or walk a lot as part of their job description, those suffering from bunions and for diabetic patients who are prone to developing sores from pressure points. Proper foot alignment is most easily accomplished with a rigid structure that aligns the foot and distributes pressure from standing and walking evenly to the various bones and ligaments. For ultimate foot control, shop our shells now.