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Rx Shells

Rx Shells by KLM Labs
System Rx Shells by KLM Labs

System Rx orthotic shells with no posting or covers. Semi-custom, click here to learn about sizing.
Our Price: $50.00

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Rx Shells provide the precision control of a custom foot orthotic. After evaluating thousands and thousands of feet, KLM technicians engineered 99 orthotic shapes that comfortably conform to and support the arches of your feet. Whether you have a high, medium, or low arch, or a wide, normal, or narrow foot -- Rx shells will provide the customized fit that you are looking for. Simply watch the sizing video, and download the sizing chart to accurately measure your special foot shape. Then enter your unique sizing data into the order form below and add to your cart. Rx Shells are available in different colors depending on their rigidity.