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How to Trim Your Insole

For full length covers, KLM's standard procedure for prescription foot orthotics is to cut the forefoot extension to the template of the shoe size provided on the prescription. If no shoe size is present, KLM cuts the insole covers to the cast, inferring the relative shoe size and erring on the covers being too long, as it is quite simple to trim them to fit a shoe perfectly. And as the old maxim goes... "measure twice, cut once".

Watch and Learn

As with any manufacturing process, there is an aspect of procedure and an aspect of presence. It is just as easy to do something wrong if you don't follow the correct procedure, as it is to make a mistake when you move to fast, or without proper care. Watch the video to learn how to best trim an insole, or the forefoot extension on a custom foot orthotic, to fit in a patient's shoe when it is too long and gets wrinkles in the toe box.