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Customizable Shoe Inserts for Low or High Arches

System Rx Technology

System Rx History
System Rx evolved through the careful study of the mathematical relationship between various foot shape and their prescribed custom made foot orthotics. Individuals who have experienced the benefits of custom made insoles and shoe inserts know just how life changing proper arch supports can be; correctly sized and supportive orthotics have an enormously positive effect on many lives.

The Analysis
When we set out to create our first custom shoe inserts, we knew we wanted to be able to recreate the support and relief patients were getting from custom molded foot arch support inserts without the expensive price tag. After studying over 133,000 pairs of orthotics made for foot care professionals nationwide, we found that there were 99 distinct shapes that were applicable to most feet most of the time. Imagining the foot as its length, width, and arch heights allowed us to mathematize the shapes of orthotics as well, which helped us to analyze and understand the art of biomechanics for insoles. Our research was complete: Most feet fall into a relatively small range of measurable dimensions. For example, most heel widths range from 40mm to 77mm, medial arches at their apex along the 1st metatarsal shaft range from 14mm to 23mm in height, and foot length from the posterior heel to the bisection of the 1st metatarsal head range from 118mm to 208mm (shoe sizes 1 – 15).

System Rx Orthotics are the simple and beautiful result of applying mathematics to foot orthotics. These shapes became the System Rx Shells, which you can order sized precisely to your unique foot length, heel width, and arch heights, at the correct rigidity for your weight and activity level! Watch the video above to learn more about correctly sizing yourself with System Rx Technology, only available at KLM Labs.

Click here to download the sizing chart and accurately measure your special foot shape.

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Rx Shells by KLM Labs Rx Shells

System Rx orthotic shells with no posting or covers. Semi-custom, click here to learn about sizing.

Our Price: $50.00

Rx Versatile Insoles by KLM Labs Rx Versatile Insoles

System Rx orthotics with 3/4 length blue padded covers. Semi-custom, click here to learn about sizing.

Our Price: $62.00

Rx Sport Insoles by KLM Labs Rx Sport Insoles

System Rx orthotics with full length blue padded covers. Semi-custom, click here to learn about sizing.

Our Price: $72.00