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What is Eclo Custom Fit?

While there are a variety of orthotics for many different foot types, we know that nothing can quite beat the accuracy of a custom fitting. In person, a specialist can take a look at your foot and recommend the orthotics that would best fit your personal needs, whereas shopping on the internet has previously limited you to cookie-cutter foot types. Eclo Custom Fit technology is designed to combine the accuracy of an in-person fitting with the convenience of internet shopping. With Eclo 3D Scanning Technology, you can send a 3D foot scan to KLM labs to curate the optimum orthotic for your personal foot type! Meet ECLO, our trusted partner in creating Eclo Custom Fit.

What’s the story?

"Eclo was founded in 2015 with the vision of removing geographic boundaries for consumers and retailers by enabling custom manufacturing and a virtual shoe fitting experience that matches the success rate of traditional, in-store fitting." Eclo contacted KLM for support from an orthotic industry leader while applying for grants to develop their 3D scanning technology. KLM wrote a letter of recommendation for Eclo, which helped them receive the necessary funding and now the Eclo App for iPhone is complete! KLM closed the circuit by building the online and internal software that manufactures custom fit orthotic insoles by using the virtual foot models taken with the Eclo Application for iPhone 6s or later. Together, KLM Labs & Eclo have created an innovative way for their customers to get custom fit orthotics as easily as possible.

Who benefits from Custom Fit Orthotics?

  • Athletes - improve balance, increase shock absorption, enhance athletic performance and stay on your feet longer.
  • People who work on their feet all day - reduce foot, ankle, knee, and lower back pain while increasing safety on the job.
  • People with busy schedules & families - quickly scan your foot and any member of your family’s feet in a matter of seconds!

How do I get Custom Fit Insoles?

  1. Complete an order KLM’s Superstep Rx Insoles
  2. Create an account with Eclo & fill out your profile
  3. Download the app (available for iPhone 6s & later)
  4. Take a 3D virtual scan of your foot
  5. Standby for experienced orthotic technicians to analyze your foot scans & profile
  6. Allow at least 5 days for your insoles to ship
  7. Confirm they contour your feet correctly upon arrival
  8. Get moving

What are the benefits of Custom Fit Orthotics?

Personalized care to provide the most effective foot pain relief: While plaster molds and plastics gave podiatrists and other foot care professionals the ability to capture the shape of the foot and create custom fit orthotics with greater ease and accuracy in past times, Eclo 3D scanning technology provides the same amount of accuracy without the mess and expense.

Easily accessible: Anyone with an iPhone 6s or later can download this application and scan their foot wherever they may be located in the world. Without the need to locate the nearest orthotics store and make time to go in-store, the application’s virtual scan allows anyone to scan their feet from the comfort of their own home. If you’re scanning for kids, family members, or even friends, you no longer have to match schedules to go in-store for an accurate fitting.

Wear your favorite shoes without discomfort: Our custom fit technology gives you the power to wear your favorite shoes, no matter how uncomfortable they may be. With our easy-to-use insoles, you can transform any shoe to form the fit you’re looking for.

Prevent foot ailments: Professionals say that custom orthotics can help 4 out of 5 people from developing foot ailments such as bunions and plantar fasciitis. With a more accurate scan, you’re more likely to find the fit that’s most effective for your personal foot type.