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Digital Casting

Step into the future with KLM Lab's Digital Casting Application for iPad and Structure Sensor Scanner. Obtain the highest quality digital casts and submit them to KLM Labs instantly. Digital Casts are uploaded to KLM's secure in-house server, eliminating concerns like shipping time and the possibility of damage to the casts during shipping. Place your order for custom prescription orthotics the same day you upload the patient's file!

Digital Casting and Ordering at elab.klmlabs.com

Watch this video to learn the basics of using KLM's Digital Casting application for iPad and Structure Sensor Scanner. Create patient files, scan your patient's lower leg anatomy to create digital casts and upload patient files populated with digital casts and photos to KLM's eLab where you can place your prescriptions. Receive the eLab discount on top covers, extrinsic posts, and plantar fills.

Digital Casting Video

Digital Cast Quality Review

Learn how to review your digital casts for accuracy and completeness.

Digital Cast Quality Review Video

Digital Casting Workshop Instruction

At the 2019 "PRESENT Treasure Hunt" held in Downtown Los Angeles, KLM Labs hosted a workshop on Digital Casting. This is the video we made to introduce the doctors and office staff to this new, and remarkablely accurate technique.

Digital Casting Workshop Video

Digital Casting As Presented By Dr. Douglas Richie, DPM

Digital Casting and Positioning The Patient

As with all casting techniques, positioning the patient is critical to obtain an accurate representation of the patient's anatomy. Watch this video series to learn various techniques for positioning the patient when casting digitally.

Digital Casting and Positioning the Patient Video

Digital Casting and Positioning Supine

Learn to position the patient's foot correctly when they are in a supine position.

Digital Casting Positioning Supine Video

Digital Casting and Positioning Prone

Learn to position the patient's foot correctly when they are in a prone position.

Digital Casting Positioning Prone Video

Digital Casting - The Scanning Process

Dr. Richie demonstrates and explains the process of using a Structure Sensor Scanner and iPad to obtain an accurate and complete digital cast.

Digital Casting - The Scanning Process Video
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KLM Custom eTech_Rx Orthotics eTech_Rx

Milled, variable thickness, Polypropylene shell with intrinsic rear foot post and met length simulated leather cover. Manufactured using Digital Casts (scans).

Order at elab.klmlabs.com