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Secrets To Successful Orthotic Therapy

1) Support The Arch

The orthotic's primary contribution to footwear is arch support. When the arch of the foot is without proper support, the structure of the foot can collapse and function abnormally. At first what feels like soreness can develop into diagnoses such as flat foot or plantar fasciitis. The malfunction can spread up to the knees, hips, back and neck. By correctly supporting the arches of your feet with orthotics, you can improve the structure and function of your entire body.

2) Take It Slow

If you have never worn orthotics before, it is advisable to begin with a more flexible device, adjusting your body slowly to the orthotic's supportive control. Notice that most of KLM's orthotic devices have a choice for rigidity. Generally speaking, a mild or flexible shell is for someone under 100 lbs. and a max or rigid shell is for someone over 200 lbs. making a medium shell ideal for most adults. Also, when trying your first pair of orthotics, begin wearing them for only an hour the first day, two the second, etc. slowly increasing the wearing time until they are comfortable to you all hours of the day. If you feel any pain, stop wearing the devices and contact KLM's customer service.

3) Stick With It

Once you have found a pair of orthotics that provide the support and relief you require, wear them as often as possible! Get a pair for each of your shoes. Keeping the arches of your feet supported correctly can help to keep your knees, hips, spine, shoulders, and neck all functioning properly.

4) Visit A Podiatrist

If you have foot pain, do not hesitate to contact your local Podiatrist or preferred foot care provider. Podiatrists are trained to understand the gait cycle and its biomechanics. They are your best resource when it comes to foot ailments, abnormalities, and aggravations.

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