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Diabetic Insoles

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Clouds Semi Soft by KLM Labs Clouds Semi Soft

Semi soft accommodative insoles for diabetics and pregnant women.

Our Price: $25.00
Clouds Soft by KLM Labs Clouds Soft

Soft accommodative insoles for diabetics and pregnant women.

Our Price: $25.00
Clouds Super-Soft by KLM Labs Clouds Super Soft

Super soft accommodative insoles for diabetics and pregnant women.

Our Price: $25.00

Diabetic Orthotics

Diabetic orthotics require unique accommodative materials to accomplish their goal of improving blood flow to the feet, and reducing the chances of developing ulcers and other ailments related to diabetes, while simultaneously encouraging proper alignment of the structures in the lower extremity. KLM Laboratories has developed a special line of diabetic insoles exactly for this purpose! KLM's Clouds are manufactured right here in the United States with accommodative materials such as plastizote and micropuff. Improper footwear, especially when worn for long periods in stressful conditions can cause damage to the bone structures and ligaments of the feet, resulting in the need for a corrective orthotic insole. The word "orthotic" implies a type of brace. An orthotic insole is a shoe insert with a strong supportive shell. While walking, the entire weight of your body is transferred through the bones, ligaments and muscles of the feet and ankles in a process called the "gait" cycle. This is where repetitive incorrect alignment can cause long term damage, and where supportive orthotic can help prevent said damage. The orthotic insole helps the joints in the foot to align properly during the gait cycle so those forces are transferred effectively through the structures of the lower extremity. Finding the correct orthotic for you requires considering a variety of factors. What is your shoe size and weight? What types of activities are you participating in? What types of shoes will this device be required to fit and function within? KLM has designed a line of orthotic insoles especially for diabetics and individuals needing exceptionally comfortable insoles. Please don't hesitate to contact the Team at KLM Labs by completing the contact form here or by email at cservice@klmlabs.com if you have any questions regarding our products. We'd be happy to help you find the correct product today!